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The house that the bano built.
(I notice that they have a TV satellite dish.)


24 Feb. 2009
Bahias de Huatulco is on the Mexican Riviera, It is home to upscale boutiques and fishing boats. We stopped at a viewpoint for a last look at the Pacific Ocean. The rest of our trip would be inland.

MEXICO 175 north toward Oaxaca

Remarkable elevation changes today. The ecosystems varied from cactus jungle to pine forest to mango orchards. Google Earth maps this road from Pochutla to Oaxaca -- it must be seen to be believed.

San Pedro Pochutla
At one stop, there were green parrots roosting on the woodpile. At another stop, Armando bought a 30-pound bunch of yellow bananas, mamey fruit, and little red plantains. The roads were harrowing:  steep drop-offs and grand vistas.

Federales were stopped at one of the hairpin turns. Two-dozen guys on the ground with their backs to us. Ruth stood up to get a picture as we passed, then sat right back down. Every one of those guys had assumed the position to relieve themselves! Some of the ladies on our bus were laughing so hard that they couldn't stop wheezing. No one got a photo.

Five minutes later, Armando pulled over for a bathroom break. The facility was accessed by a (toll) bridge over a stream. Five pesos. Most striking was the beautiful two-story tiled home across the road. We figure it was built by bano fees.

San Jose del Cabo
We stopped for an afternoon meal at Lupita's, at the top of a mountain. It's not on the map.

We'd shared candy with the kids, but when Melody passed out mangoes for dessert, those children's eyes got big. Mangoes don't grow on top of their mountain. Melody gave their family the mangoes and bananas.

Down the mountain, I saw monkeys swinging from trees! The road finally straightened out as we reached Oaxaca.


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