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No. More.
Don't. Want.
Make it Go Away.

Welcome to my world.  Really.  There's no escape when the hill where we live is blanketed with snow.  Sure, some folks have 4-wheel-drive trucks, but not me.  I stay home. 

Welcome to Cabin Fever:  Population 3.

My computer died while I was stuck at home.  My Internet connection-- GONE.  Assembling bits of gamer's, javabean's, and my cast-off pc bits has allowed us access, but it's crowded in my computer den (clearly marked on blueprints as a closet).

The snow did melt-- briefly.  On New Year's Day, we drove to the folks' place to celebrate Christmas.  Only a smattering of white stuff remained. 

Black ice greeted the unwary on Friday.  Welcome to 2009.  Vehicles were off the road, over embankments, against the freeway median.  My car slithered through intersections, but got me to work without incident.  Occasional snow showers taunted; no one was amused.  Roads were still icy Saturday morning; my car fishtailed on Main Street.

Sunday broke clear and cold.  The roads looked good.  I made plans with friends to go shopping in Portland tomorrow.  Then the flurries began.  Again.

I have tickets to Cancun in six weeks.  My vacation can't start soon enough.
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Even tho' snow is finally melting
, the slush is still over-my-boots deep, so we celebrated the holiday at home. Grownup-kids JavabeanDreams and CRCgamer were stuck here with me, as were the resident cats.

Said kids woke me up early to empty the stockings and open gifts.  I now have fuzzy slipper Crocs and plenty of chocolate to tide me over until the spring thaw.
We spread black oil sunflower seeds across the frozen patio for the nourishment of little birds and the entertainment of little kitties.

I am listening to slack key Christmas music and munching cookies.  Lil' javabean is catching up with Heroes, Season 2.  Gamerboy has been doing reconnaissance with his newest module of Dawn of War:  Soulstorm.

It hasn't been this snowy here since 1998.


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